CV of JOHN MARTIN of Movie Craft  
  John Martin's low budget feature "Forever Joy" shows his abilities as a Director and Editor.
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  Film Experience
John Martin's film experience comes principally from a 90 minute feature "Forever Joy" that he wrote, produced, financed, directed, and edited. The film is about an elderly, senile artist, who after years of painting and struggling finally produces a 'masterpiece'. At first he resolutely decides never to sell the picture, but for reasons in the plot he sells it to an art dealer much to his regret...
  • Wrote original screenplay.
  • Auditioned and selected actors.
  • Selected locations and negotiated permissions and costs.
  • Produced film to budget and timescales.
  • Directed actors.
  • Edited film down from sixteen hours to completed film of 90 minutes.
    Theatre Experience
    Produced and directed several plays including Wuthering Heights, Macbeth, and King Lear.
    Ceddo courses: Producing and Production Management, Directing, and Drama production, Wandsworth College: Film 1, and Film 2 Editing and Filming. Four Corners: 16mm Camera and Lighting, 16mm Editing. and Producing and Directing courses.
    Other Experience
    Project management and IT experience of developing large systems for computer mainframes.
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