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In Control is a science-fiction thriller about a young lawyer, Mary, that experiences a strange phenomena and starts to think that she is going mad until she meets Dave who also has experienced this phenomena...
DEGOL - Dead Cycle is horror story about two female vampires that struggle to exist in the world.
Our plans for the Hippodrome
The Hippodrome Golders Green has a varied and chequered history, being used firstly as a large music hall, known as an important theatre, used by the BBC for over thirty years as a TV studio, home of BBC Concert Orchestra and neglected and left empty for several years. We want to restore the Hippodrome to its former glory as one of the most important theatres in London.
We intend to put on plays from Shakespeare to modern productions. We want our Shakespeare productions to appeal to those that don't know Shakespeare at all as well as those that do.
Shakespeare put on his plays for the public rather than to be studied, and we want our productions to have a general wide appeal.
We intend to make the Hippodrome use be multi purpose, being for example also a cinema and used by companies for corporate events. There will also be a monthly Comedy night and we will also look at making the venue a film studio for hire etc.
Theatre productions will be at its heart; a theatre where memorable exciting productions will take place.


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